This 14-page board book is written to help parents and caregivers learn about the infant states and recognize the state their own baby is in at a given time. By recognizing the baby's state, the parent or caregiver can respond more appropriately to the baby, fostering a trusting, responsive relationship.

This book helps parents and caregivers promote health social, emotional, and cognitive growth in their infants, right from birth.

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"This will be so valuable to all parents for it will show them how much their babies can teach about becoming a parent if they learn to learn from their babies' behavior" 

                                                          --Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

While reading simple text and sharing charming illustrations, parents and caregivers will learn how to recognize the "baby states" and enjoy interacting and communicating with their babies.

The six infant states of consciousness were first defined by child development authorities Prechtl (1964), Wolff (1966) and Brazelton (1973). In each state, infants respond differently to their world and those around them.

 Read to me and i'll teach you About...

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                                                                                                                     Jennifer Brown Guiney, MS, IMH-E (III), PMH-C


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ISBN 978-0-9910282-7-6
14 pages 
5 3/4" x 5 3/4"